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We provide Forester training and SETA Accredited Chemical Application Training. 

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About Us

SILVIX Forestry is a distribution company, partnering up with the biggest multi-national agrochemical companies in the country to deliver the best products and services, at the most competitive prices, to the forestry industry across Southern Africa.

With our directors having over 100 years of combined experience in the South African Forestry Sector, we are leaders in innovation and are constantly looking to evolve, enhance and expand our product range.


Our distribution network centres around the forestry belts in Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal and we have successfully moved agrochemical product into Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ghana.

We may be a small company but we at SILVIX Forestry are a motivated, knowledgeable and driven team,
who are having a big impact in the forestry sectors across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Combined Years Experience

B-BBEE Company Level

Our History

Silvix Forest Consultants was established in 1996 when the forestry division of ICI /
Zeneca opted to establish a specialist business to assist the forestry industry in South Africa as well as African and international forestry areas.

Silvix original members Julian Pybus, Mike Martyn, Kevin Edwards and Leon Martens were well known throughout the industry and were later joined by Dix van Dam, Alasdair McKenzie and Paul Thornton-Dibb, all who were also well established in the industry.

Silvix became a specialist forestry consultancy and supply business to provide outstanding service in the supply of registered forestry chemicals and provide comprehensive spray programmes as well as free training to customers on the safe application; correct storage and transport, as well as safety, health and environmental updates.

All Silvix members are AVCASA (Crop Life) accredited and are dedicated to the forestry industry in the day to day use of agro-chemicals in a responsible manner.